Sunday, February 15, 2009

Palin does Lincoln Day Dinner

In fine style, apparently.

Palin exhibited her Alaska fashion sense, sporting a tan smoke ring — a circular scarf delicately knitted in Eskimo motifs from fine qiviut, the underwool of Arctic musk ox.

In her address, the Governor drew parallels between Lincoln's work/ideals and Alaskans (but failed to mention Joshua Speed).

Like Lincoln, who was interested in building transportation infrastructure such as roads, railroads and harbors, Palin said, so too are Alaskans in developing the same infrastructure as well as opening up more federal land.

And what would the night be without a push-back against the main stream media, or in this case, Fox News?

She said she responded to a FOX newscaster’s questions Saturday with, “For me, I eat, therefore I hunt.”

Then she added for the Fairbanks crowd, “That’s the way we roll in Alaska.”