Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back at it: DNC links Jindal and Rush

Last night, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal revives the wheezing Rush Failure story.

"My answer to the question is very simple: 'Do you want the president to fail?' It depends on what he is trying to do."

The Democratic National Committee's answer is simple, as well.

"We understand that Governor Jindal has had some problems with public speaking lately, but turning to Rush Limbaugh to be your new speechwriter doesn't help. What we know has failed is the reflexive partisan politics of the past that Rush Limbaugh and his Republican party continue to be mired in. Rather than rooting for failure, we urge the Republican party to play a constructive role in moving the country forward and offer a budget proposal."

(ea) Such as putting out press releases like the one you just sent.

UPDATE!: Ben Smith says the DNC's now directing its attention away from Rush; onto Karl Rove.