Friday, May 15, 2009

Cantor, McCarthy work to overcome a theoretical GOP

In a crassly partisan and counter-intuitive bid to recruit candidates who can win, chief GOP House recruiter, CA Rep. Kevin McCarthy is willing to support candidates who are not Michele Bachmann.

This is what you call the Party of Reality working to overcome the Party of Theory.

The Party of Theory exists in the minds of those who don't make law, and aren't particularly interested in making law. They are interested in making opinions and a good living off of those opinions.

The Party of Reality... well, here's Kevin McCarthy to explain more (as true-red a conservative as there ever was -- he received a 100% rating (pdf) from Americans for Tax Reform in 2007).


[McCarthy] said he wants his party to select candidates based less on ideology and more on their chances of winning. The goal, he said, is to seek out prospects who are ethnically diverse, female, less partisan and even supportive of abortion rights.

Eric Cantor seems to also indicate a willingness to consider pro-choice candidates.

“The essence of being a Republican is the belief in free markets, the belief in individual responsibility, the belief in the faith of the individual. This is what our party is about.”

The hedge is probably tremendously disappointing to some who've taken a look at the new Gallup poll showing better news than ever for the pro-life cause.

But again, there are two schools of thought on this. One camp thinks the GOP should exist in theory. The other believes it should exist in reality.

The Daily Kos Republicans are the former; the DLC Republicans are the latter. Do you want to be a Daily Kos Republican?

[Hat tip: Huffington Post]