Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evening eats (two hours early)

a. The Weekly Standard says this round in Romney v Palin goes to the hunter.

b. You can buy Mark Sanford 2012 t-shirts now.

c. A bummer for Rick Perry.

d. Mitch Daniels gets some national attention.

e. Good recruiting news for the GOP in The House.

f. Rush Limbaugh's kind of an ass.

g. Country star Clay Walker chats up Rick Perry at a prayer breakfast.

h. A former GOP chair of Charlie Crist's Pinellas County says he'll back Rubio.

i. She's performing on AI tonight.

j. From "We Say" by Rg Gregory

we say blame the politicians
they promise and they promise
when election time is on us
sterner measures to prevent delinquency
yet when they win their phoney war
they do nothing as before
we're sick of all this fuss
we say blame the politicians
or society
they're all the same to us

k. Quote stuff, when Capote was asked about Kerouac's work:

“That’s not writing, it’s typing.”


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