Friday, May 15, 2009

GOP Political Insiders vote on brightest stars

National Journal releases the results of its Political Insiders poll, asking 99 Republicans which GOP governors have the brightest political future.

1. Bobby Jindal 21%

2. Haley Barbour 20%

3. Tim Pawlenty 17%

4. Charlie Crist 13%

5. Mark Sanford 8%

6. Jon Huntsman 6%

7. Sarah Palin/Mitch Daniels 5%

The Republican Political Insiders are listed at the bottom of the Journal's list.

Of course, with Haley Barbour's rank, this obviously isn't viewed as a proxy for a 2012 ballot. Barbour's architechiness has been well-established, so insiders likely view a future, behind-the-scenes roll as a starring vehicle.

[Hat tip: Huffington Post]