Friday, May 15, 2009

Mitt uses monarchist theme to go after Dems in NRA speech

If you thought Mitt Romney's speech to the NRA today was just going to be about the gun Sarah Palin shot to keep him safe from a bear, think again.

After a lengthy intro, contrasting the concept of freedom with other philosophies, he pivots into an attack on liberal "monarchists" and their vessel, Barack Obama, for their piece of work on the economy.

He then hands the Prez appropriate due on some recent foreign policy moves (Irag, Afghanistan, and tribunals), while pivoting into another attack on O's foreign policy.

In each of these broad subject areas, he links the NRA's ethos to the point he's making, but the speech reads less guns than it does a 2012 stump speech.

Full xcript here.

[Hat tip: Ben Smith]