Monday, June 29, 2009

DeMint: "It may be" that Sanford needs to resign

On Sean Hannity tonight, two deeply conservative pundits (SC Sen. Jim DeMint and Sean Hannity) expressed reservations on whether Mark Sanford should continue as governor of South Carolina.

HANNITY: "Do you think that he should go? I'm of the mind that if your life is in shambles in a case like this, maybe it's time for you to step aside. Get your personal act together. Is that good advice?"

DEMINT: "It may be. I'm not sure where he is in his personal life with his wife, and I think that does have a lot to do with whether or not he should continue. South Carolina needs some strong leadership right now, so if he's not.... we need to do what's best for our state, and we are looking at the right now."

Anyone who's watched Sean Hannity for 15 minutes knows that if he's calling for the occupational head of a Republican, something serious is going on.

DeMint further offered his thoughts on the personal and branding aspects of the affair.

"I'm very disappointed on a personal level. I'm disappointed for our state and the whole country, because Mark Sanford was part of a conservative movement that was gaining some traction, so it really hurts us, but he dropped the flag. The rest of us have to pick it up."

UPDATE: Peter Hamby reports on growing calls for Sanford to step down from SC state legislators.