Tuesday, July 14, 2009

600 pages of released documents shed new light on Sanford Affair

Last night, South Carolina open record laws forced the release of nearly 600 pages of documents between Mark Sanford's staff members during the period of time the governor was MIA.

The documents show Mark Sanford turning down an opportunity to meet with representatives from a company that sought to expand its operation in the state.

That's because the dinner invitation was for June 24 when the gov was out-of-state for you know what.

Gina Smith and John O'Connor:

Gov. Mark Sanford’s chief of staff, Scott English, called the governor’s cell phones 15 times during the governor’s secret trip to Argentina to visit his lover last month. But the governor never picked up.

.... Records released Monday show Sawyer juggled e-mails and media calls from around the nation, giving a consistent message that was later proven to be untrue. Those records also show Sanford declined a dinner invitation from a company looking to expand its business in South Carolina because Sanford planned to be in Argentina that day.

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