Monday, July 13, 2009

Levi Johnston: I wouldn't vote for Palin

In an interview airing this morning, Bristol Palin's former fiancee, Levi Johnston, told the Today show he wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin if she ran for Prez.

"She speaks her mind. She's an incredible lady, but um, there are times that she's not up-front with everybody, but for the most part she is.... She means a lot to me. I do just about anything for her, but I really don't think I'd vote for her if she ran for President."

[Hat tip: BuzzCuts]


baboonking said...

so according to levi palin wanted to a reality show but according to NYT she was sick of the paparazzi... who to believe? would levi be projecting or advertising?

wisetrog said...

Yeah, he's the authority to now. The new Mike Murphy.

JeanA said...

The reality show is Ricky Hollywood with his nutty sister and drug addict mother. That is right he changed his name to Richy Hollywood.