Monday, December 15, 2008

Standing firm: Jindal refuses to raise taxes in face of $ shortfall

Bobby Jindal issued a statement in response to an estimated $2 billion short-fall for Louisiana in Fiscal Year 2010.

“Just like in families and small businesses, state government has to live within its means. That means we will have to reduce government spending to a level we can afford. Raising taxes is not an option, and would be the worst thing we could do in an economic downturn…so we will make government work more efficiently and we will do our jobs while spending less money."

And unlike our Washington friends who are tapping into every reserve possible, Jindal is resisting the temptation to draw from Louisiana's Rainy Day Fund.

“We are not considering use of the Rainy Day Fund to address the deficit this year, as it will not help us with the deficit next year. We are looking to reduce expenditures in every area of government - not only in the discretionary general fund, but non-discretionary spending and statutory dedications also. Everything is on the table."


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