Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corker: Detroit Auto Show didn't change my mind

In a commentary for the Detroit News, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker says the city's recent auto show was impressive, but failed to move his philosophical frame of mind.

"I was repeatedly asked if my visit 'changed my mind about Detroit.' The answer is no. If anything, it makes me even more committed to the fact that these companies need to be right-sized and competitive because they have great products that will benefit our country."

Corker then goes on to restate his original and current position:

a) each automaker's debt must be reduced by 2/3.

b) 50% of the voluntary employment benefits received by the UAW must be taken in the form of stock.

c) UAW wages and benefits must be competitive with foreign makers' wages and benefits in the U.S.

, again:

It's now up to the Obama administration to work with these companies and through tough love enable them to survive and thrive. I stand ready and willing to aid his economic team in that effort.