Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bevy of 2012 canididates fundraising for rising star Bob McDonnell

Everyone wants a piece of him, and he'll be getting more than a few from them.

2012 prospects lined up to fund raise for Virginia Gov. hopeful Bob McDonnell:

a. Mike Huckabee

b. Sarah Palin

c. Charlie Crist

d. Rick Perry

e. Mark Sanford

And one more note, lest you think they forgot: Rudy and Jindal have already raised cash for the former lieutenant-colonel McDonnell. You can read the Weekly Standard's profile of the guy here.

Watch the video below; he's got a bright future. By 2012, he'll have nearly completed his term-limited tenure as Governor of Virginia, making him an attractive Prez or Veep candidate.

[Hat tip: Conservatives for Palin]


Anonymous said...

I would not vote for Bob McDonnell in any race, not even for Dog Catcher, especially since he teamed up with the HSUS!