Sunday, February 8, 2009

Can the Sanford plane balance the social/economic wings?

A reader thinks so:

Sanford isn't big with the social cons because he is MUCH more libertarian. I think the thing that honked them off is that he nixed a christian liscence plate, and when he did, he said something like "I think you should express your religious faith in your own life, not on your car". Frankly, I applaud that kind of attitude - the Republicans could use a bit more of a libertarian streak in them.

You don't have to ditch social conservatism, but its really beyond time to stop harping on it so much like a brainwashed bible thumping quasi-priest, and tell the American people why we deserve to govern - and we deserve to govern when we hit on limited government themes. That's what Reagan did - he was socially conservative, but he never really highlighted that part of his platform.