Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Corker praises Daschle for withdrawing


“I had a call into Sen. Daschle this morning to let him know I would not be able to support his nomination. I give fairly wide latitude to presidents regarding their cabinet selections, but with the many issues plaguing this nomination and the troubling pattern developing with the administration’s nominees in general, I believe Sen. Daschle did the right thing by withdrawing.”

(Ea) Bob Corker has, indeed, given Obama's nominees wide latitude, voting for both Tim Geithner and Eric Holder.

More generally, the Tennessee Senator's proven himself a bit of an ideological free spirit. He's opposed stimulus $ for projects helping his state, supported SCHIP, and voted for s.22, the massive omnibus bill conservative senators railed against. He also visited the Detroit Auto Show after he squashed the auto bailout and calmly ambled about, refusing to back off from his "tough love", winning grudging admiration from the city's press, and confirming that yes, he's someone who makes up his mind and speaks it.