Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fix: Jindal won; Crist lost

Chris Cillizza holds up Bobby Jindal's hands in victory on Meet the Press:

Bobby Jindal was authentic and effective in an appearance on the biggest stage of political journalism.... His line that the GOP was "fired with cause" over the last two elections is an effective one and affirms the idea of the Louisiana governor as a voice of reform.... The more Jindal is cast as the GOP's Obama, the better positioned he is as the next presidential election approaches.

(ea) It's become such a cliche, and probably isn't helpful to be known as the GOP's anything. Michael Jordan was called the next Dr. J until it became apparent he was something much different (and much better). Since Jordan himself exited the stage, there have been a long line of stars lining up to take the mantle, each failing or succeeding in different ways. The latest, Lebron James, even wears Mr. Jordan's 23, but it's now clear he's not the next Michael Jordan. He's the first Lebron James.

Bobby Jindal's the first Bobby Jindal.

As for Crist, Cillizza gives him the Craig Ehlo:

The governor of Florida had a harder time during his appearance on "Meet" -- confronted with tough criticisms from South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Republican media consultant Alex Castellanos on his conservative credentials and forced to defend an economic stimulus plan that almost no one in the GOP base likes. Also, Crist's unwillingness to offer any specific answers (he's not focused on whether or not to run for Senate, the "people" are in charge of the Republican Party) makes him look unwilling to take sides -- a necessity especially when running for national office in a contested primary.