Monday, February 23, 2009

How Jindal can run for reelection and President

First Read outlines the makings of The Doable Double (ea):

If Jindal does run for re-election, however, here’s something important to consider: The GOP nominating contests in Iowa and New Hampshire will probably come just two months after that re-election contest in Louisiana in 2011.

Is that enough time to campaign in those states? Do you get left out of most of the debates? Or do you try to run for re-election in Louisiana, with occasional stops in the early states? These are questions that other potential presidential candidates don’t have to answer.

If Jindal ever does run in 2012, he may have to create a draft movement that somehow allows him to get in the race late. It's possible that without a fight for an open seat for the presidency that the race on the GOP side could get started a tad later.

Hey guys, better lay claim to Draft Bobby websites before Dems (or the gov's of Alaska, Minnesota, Florida etc) eat them up.