Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Palin attacks new bio; tells you to wait for her own

Lorenzo Benet's freshly-released "Trailblazer: An Intimate Biography of Sarah Palin" apparently didn't get intimate enough with the Governor.

The book didn't have Palin's cooperation and doesn't have her blessing, said [Palin spokeswoman Meghan] Stapleton.

Now here's the curious squabble.

Stapleton points to a specific anecdote to cast doubt on the book's veracity. According to the book's author, Palin "traveled to Washington DC for the National Governors' Conference, where she met privately with John McCain and learned she was on his short list as a running mate".

But Stapleton says that's moose shit:

"Nothing happened on the VP selection until August. Getting such an important fact wrong, casts doubts on whatever else might be in the book."

Stapleton and Palin should realize that Benet's doing both her and McCain a favor, by implying that more deliberation went into the selection than a 3 AM whim.

If talks had begun as early as February, as the book claims, then we have calming reassurance that McCain wasn't rash, and that Palin really didn't blink, because she'd been prepped for the possibility since Feb.

But, in effect, the governor's saying: Yeah, it really was as long a Hail Mary as Doug Flutie's. And it's never good when Doug Flutie's name comes up in a question of presidential judgment.