Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pawlenty: If I run for reelection, I probably won't run in 2012

Near the end of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's new interview with Politico:

Q: If you run for reelection does that commit you to serving a full term?

A: I think it’d be a reasonable expectation for voters. I mean, if you’re going to run for reelection to one office you don’t want to turn around and start running for another one the next day.

Sounds obvious, right?

Here's why it's noteworthy. Pundits often note the logistical constraints of running for both governor and President, but politicians rarely acknowledge it, simply because their overarching goal is remaining in power, whatever form that might be. It's called covering your ass.

To see a potential Presidential candidate nodding his head to the prima facie logic is refreshing, and should be made into new bubblegum.

Pawlenteberry, now with tooth-cleaning Xylitol!

The Gov. also manages to feed the inchoate rift between Republican Governors and the Republican Congress (ea):

My own view of that is, with very few exceptions, it hasn’t mattered which party has controlled the White House and which party has controlled Congress. We have the fox watching the chicken coop. And the general trend line, with some minor variations, is more and more and more and more debt and more and more and more spending.

The rest of the interview is Talking Point Tuesday, so if you don't know that Pawlenty's against deficits, head on over there.


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