Friday, March 13, 2009

First half of back-stracking complete: Huntsman meets leading candidate for SC governor

Ben Smith:

Jon Huntsman is getting a visit from South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, a candidate for governor, who is part of the extended McCain-Graham political family, headed by political consultant Richard Quinn.

McMaster is meeting with local economic development officials, and Huntsman's hosting a fundraiser for him.

So witches three, tell us who this Henry McMaster might be?

The Southern Political Report
took us through the maze of South Carolina gubernatorial matches last week, and emerging first was Attorney General Henry McMaster.

On the GOP side, the early leader is state Attorney General Henry McMaster, who has been traveling the state for months speaking to county Republican groups. A past chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, McMaster already has a broad network of friends and supporters among party activists in the state’s 46 counties. He has also been elected attorney general twice, giving him substantial name ID across the state. He has a pro-active record as attorney general, advocating stiff anti-crime laws, such as the abolition of parole for those convicted of any crime. McMaster was a major backer of John McCain in last year’s Republican Primary and in February.

And to verify all that, a private poll of GOP primary voters showed McMaster leading Andre Bauer, 53-43% and Grehsam Barrett, 63-37%.

So to cap things off, Jon Huntsman's getting a visit from the future governor of South Carolina.

That's no small news.