Friday, March 20, 2009

Kyl slams Obama's Leno appearance

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl's been the perpetrator of some rather small critiques of Barack Obama, as of late.

First, there was the bizzare suggestion that Obama was wasting money by flying around the country on taxpayers' dime.

On February 22, Mr. Kyl:

"You can do the math. The president flew out here, stayed last night, went to a high school this morning ... gave his speech and then he left town. And I understand he did the same thing in Denver yesterday.

If it's just used as a backdrop, if there's no other business, why in the world are we spending that kind of money just to sign a bill or make an announcement?"

Now he follows up with another Obama should keep himself sequestered away moment.

"He flies off to Los Angeles to be on the Jay Leno show. My suggestion is that he come back, since he's taking the full responsibility, to get his people together and say I want to know exactly what happened, who did what when and how are we gonna prevent this from ever happening in the future and how can we handle these taxpayers' assets."


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