Monday, March 23, 2009

Meghan McCain interviews Mrs. Jindal

The daughter of the ex-2008 Republican Presidential candidate interviews the wife of a potential 2012 candidate, and youngest governor in America.

That's a tortured sentence.

But Meghan McCain does nothing of the sort in her lengthy i/view with Mrs. Supriya Jindal.

Re: the incipient flames of love's heat.

I was working for the chemical plant and he was working for the governor and he had a Mardi Gras ball to go to. His date canceled the week of the Mardi Gras ball, so he went back to his little black book from high school and thought, "I wonder what ever happened to her."

He knew I had moved to New Orleans, so he tracked me down and left me the funniest message on my machine. You know, the questions were, “If you’re not married, call me back.” So, I called him back and we had a great conversation and he invited me to the ball and I went. We had a wonderful time.

Re: her conversion to Christianity.

Both Bobby and I are converts to Christianity. For him, it was very much an intellectual journey. He read and studied. It really began when his grandfather passed away. He began to question, well, where did he go? What happens when we die? Is he in heaven? He began to really study and understand what religion really was and what Christianity really was.

He followed that path to conversion through his intellectual search. For me, it was more of a spiritual search. It was more of understanding why people convert, what makes them convert. Just reading stories, and talking to people about what lead them to their conversion to Christianity is what led my search. Yes, we raise our children as Christians. We go to church on the weekends. We say prayers every night.

Re: 2012 speculation:

It’s very flattering, it’s very nice, but I think the party as a whole and the country as a whole needs to focus on solutions right now and not focus on who the next candidate’s going to be. All of that needs to go by the wayside. We have dire problems going on in the country and we need to focus on that right now.

Finally, Re: fashion:

We as women always want to look nice and presentable, but there is a balance there. I am very much a sale shopper and off-the-rack shopper. I love getting shoe deals. I was at the outlet mall yesterday and I took my son to buy a pair of shoes, and people were commenting, “You shop here?”

[Hat tip: Women on the Web]