Friday, March 6, 2009

Reation to Palin's Planned Parenthood Supreme Court pick

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin recently nominated a former Planned Parenthood board member, Morgan Christen, to fill a vacancy on the state's Supreme Court.

The Anchorage Daily News frames the debate:

Gov. Sarah Palin on Wednesday picked an Anchorage judge to fill the latest vacancy on the Alaska Supreme Court despite efforts by a conservative Christian group to convince her to do otherwise.

Dan Fagan of the Alaska Standard said Palin's sold-out her base:

[The] Christen appointment proves that while the governor lives the pro-life message in her personal life, she is not willing to spend political capital on the issue in her political life.

Conservatives 4 Palin tries reconciling its own pro-life views with the governor's very pro-choice pick by arguing that procedural issues hampered Palin:

What you may not know is that the constitutional process by which Governor Palin made her decision seriously limited her authority in the selection process.

It did limit her options -- she only had the choice of picking one pro-life judge and one pro-choice judge.

Sarah Palin 2012 is impressed with Palin's workwoman-like qualities:

Do you get the feeling that Palin gets work done at warp speed? I do. She does so many things at once and makes so many decisions that it's hard to keep up. Great for Alaska - she's doing a ton of hard work for them.

National Review's Bench Memos blurbs a sentence and gives a link:

Governor Sarah Palin nominated Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen to a seat on the Alaska Supreme Court, over the objections of the Alaska Family Council. Story here.

The New Agenda says liberal women owe Palin an apology:

While drinking my morning coffee today I was greeted by the most delightful example of women helping women courtesy of Stray Yellar Dawg. Hats off to Gov Palin for her leadership and courage.... What a bold move by Gov Palin. If the governor of Alaska were a man, would he, in this type of scenario have chosen a woman over a man? Especially if there was political fallout for doing so? You bet your sweet a*s NO WAY! This is why we must get women into positions of power.

Palingates thinks Palin's pick was more about pro-oil than pro-life views.

What does the selection of a pro-choice judge to the Supreme Court over a judge presumably pro-life, pro-environment say about Sarah Palin?

The way I see it, Sarah is more pro-oil than she is pro-life.

News Hoggers sees a politically smart and worthy move.

.... it appears she has given the proverbial finger to the 16th century Bible thumpers.... She can see which way the wind is blowing and it's not favoring the knuckle dragging base of the Republican party. The rest of the party may figure it out by 2012 which will leave Sarah in a really good position.

Pro-life activist Wev Shea thinks conservatives have it wrong on Palin's pick, but fails to cite anything other than personal qualities to back his argument up.

Let's Go Girl is happy:

There is no disputing Palin’s appointment of Christen will cause the Alaska Supreme to lean left and will ensure a more activist court when it comes to gay marriage, and abortion. The Christen appointment is key because she replaces justice Warren Mathews, one of the dissenting votes striking down the parental consent legislation.

SUMMARY: Liberal bloggers are having fun with it, while the conservative mainstream is ignoring the story, for fear that when they look closer, it's not Sarah Palin, but Christie Todd Whitman looking back.


M. Simon said...

Well this is no surprise to me. Palin is not a Conservative. She is a libertarian.

And libertarians think reproduction is none of government's business.

Maybe she is really that small government Republican we hear so much about elsewhere.

And yet she lives her beliefs. More power to her.

M. Simon said...

You might find this of interest.

Why McCain Picked Palin

It wasn't to pick up votes from the base.

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