Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah Palin's campaign to bankrupt a publishing house

a. Yesterday, Jim Geraghty said "Lefty foes" of Sarah Palin might force her to create a legal defense fund.

b. Conservatives for Palin weighs in on the legal battles:

When you see the tactics used by Palin's political opponents, like personal slander and destruction, attacks on young children, and legal terrorism to destroy a person financially, it makes you wonder how any ordinary American can possibly go into politics.

c. In this morning's briefing, Red State foretold similar doom with "The Campaign to Bankrupt the Palin Family." (ea)

These people want to bankrupt the Palins and leave them destitute. They want to empty their bank accounts so that they cannot afford the basics and necessities of life after Governor Palin leaves office.

d. USA Today:

We mentioned earlier that Sarah Palin is shopping around for a book deal.... Sources tell People that Palin is looking for an $11 million advance.

e. Salon, Dec. 23, 2008:

The end of days is here for the publishing industry -- or it sure seems like it. On Dec. 3, now known as "Black Wednesday," several major American publishers were dramatically downsized, leaving many celebrated editors and their colleagues jobless. The bad news stretches from the unemployment line to bookstores to literature itself.

e. Sara Nelson, editor in chief of Publisher's Weekly:

"There is a tendency in the industry to think that it is always under siege. There's a certain amount of Sturm und Drang that is part of book publishing.... I think it feels worse because it's everywhere now. It feels like the world is coming to an end -- and book publishing is just one part of that."

Who's under siege, and who's bankrupting whom?