Monday, April 13, 2009

Hutchison's puzzling moves

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is so anxious to strip Gov. Rick Perry of Texas' relative fortunes that she's ready to cede anything she might have done, as well.

"The reason Texas is in good shape today is because of the attributes that we have that neither the governor nor I produced."

Can Kinky Freidman quote you on that next year?

The Austin American-Statesman goes on:

.... to hear Hutchison tell it, much of the state's economic success is, if not an accident, a product of good weather, good air service and decisions made long before Perry moved into the Governor's Mansion, including the absence of a personal income tax and a climate that doesn't allow unions to "dominate" the state.

For more quixotic strategy: Hutchison recently knocked Perry for so blithely turning down $555 million in unemployment funds.


It could be that -- through a train of economic dominoes involving unemployment money, trust funds, and tax brackets -- Texas arrives at harder times from Perry's decision.

CQ Politics:

Apparently, Hutchison wants to blame Perry for a future tax increase that is connected to the financial strain on the state unemployment trust fund. That's a somewhat complicated case to make to voters, however. They have to understand that the stimulus is linked to the trust fund, which is linked to the business tax rate.

(Ea) If that's the way KBH is gonna roll, two words.

Intrade. Perry.

[Hat tip: RickvsKay]