Friday, April 24, 2009

McDonnell name-drops Obama during VA forum

The Virginia Education Association held a forum last night, featuring a tussle among all three Democratic candidates for governor, and then a separate discussion with Republican gubernatorial nominee, Bob McDonnell.

Vivian Paige was struck by McDonnell's frequent invocation of Barack Obama's name. You could take that the George W. Bush way (an attack by association) or a Ronald Reagan way (put your name next to his and watch those approval knobs head north).

In this case, Paige says it was the latter:

One of the most interesting things of the forum was who invoked Obama and who didn’t. One would normally expect that it would be the Democratic candidates who would talk about President Obama, but it was not. Republican Bob McDonnell repeatedly used the President’s name, saying he agreed with Obama on a number of issues. Of course, those issues happen to be ones with which most Democrats disagree, particularly school vouchers.

Daily Kos reviews the Dem debate here.

The 90 minute debate can be viewed here.

UPDATE: Vivian sends a note correcting me. The crossed-out links refer to two different debates/forums that were also held this week -- not the VEA forum in question above.