Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New poll: Jindal approval rating at 67%

A new poll (pdf) by Southern Media & Opinion Research has good news for both Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter.

Bobby Jindal's numbers: 67%/30%

Excellent 26%

Good 41%

Not So Good 19%

Poor 11%

David Vitter's numbers: 58.2%/33.7%

Excellent 9%

Good 49.2%

Not So Good 18.8%

Poor 14.9%

As for Jindal's many travels, 1/3 of respondents felt they were good for Louisiana's image, while 2/3 felt he should stay home and attend to matters of hearth.

If you remember, state Republican House Speaker, Jim Tucker, recently began a pushback against travel complaints by saying Jindal's helping restore the state's image nationwide.

Notes: Obama gets overall approval numbers of 53%, and Mary Landrieu, 60%.

[Hat tip: Bayou Buzz]


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