Monday, April 13, 2009

Romney/Gibbons 2012! Democrats use Mitt against Republican candidate in Florida

Deveron Gibbons is a Republican candidate for mayor of St. Petersburg.

He also raises a lot of money. According to Pinellas County Democrats, that makes him kin to friend, Mitt Romney.

The county Democrats sent an email to supporters over the weekend, highlighting the ties (ea):

"The 2012 Presidential election may seem a long way off, but Mitt Romney isn't wasting time. In a move viewed by many as preparation his next Presidential bid, Gov. Romney has sold some of his many homes - trying to avoid the McCain “How many homes do you own?” question.) He has been traveling the county giving speeches and recruiting supporters for his '12 bid. Here in St. Petersburg, one the Romney Steering Committee members, Deveron Gibbons, is running for Mayor.

He is hoping to setup a strong Romney organization in Pinellas County and the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. Former Romney staff has already been hired to run Gibbon's campaign. Between his strong support among lobbyists and the Republican establishment, Gibbons has been very successful pocketing money from around the state and in DC - raising over $60,000 from outside St. Petersburg. Don't let Mitt Romney take over St. Petersburg. Please help us defeat Romney/Gibbons!"