Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Xander Cricket beats Bobby Jindal to the book

a. The press release is calling it the "first" biography of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Its author? Xander Cricket (from Oklahoma).

b. The Times-Picayune says it's published by a self-publishing outfit, and Bobby Jindal's spokeswoman, Melissa Sellers, says she's "never heard of the book or writer", Xander Cricket (from Oklahoma).

c. It's 100 pages.

d. The book is called Bobby Jindal: The transformational story of a brown-skinned, die-hard conservative in the deep south, and available on Amazon, ranking #447, 897 in sales. That means 447,896 books are selling faster.

e. The author (again, Xander Cricket from Oklahoma) has released another book, Joe Biden: A Neowonk Guide to the Vice President of the United States, checking in at 82 pages.

There are no customer reviews, but Amazon welcomes you to "be the first".