Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cantor offers Huck olive branch over NCNA; invokes Reagan

Ben Smith has the Huck Attack on the NCNA; The Plum Line has the Cantor React, and The New Ledger an i/view with Cantor indicating he might have gotten the message on Ronald Reagan.

First, Huckabee takes on "experts", and those who suggest Reagan is no longer relevant to the GOP (ea).

It is a sad day when our party comes to the point where we think it is necessary to form a “listening group” to find out what Americans think we should be fighting for. Our problem is not lack of “experts,” but too many of them and not enough attention to the hard working people in our communities that aren’t connected to the Beltway, but to the heartland.

I am very disappointed that one of the initial comments from the group was that we need to "get past Reagan.". Frankly the party was in pretty good shape then and can be again, but Ronald Reagan didn't summarily dismiss Values Voters like this new group of "experts" has by not listing any of the issues that still matter to many of those common Americans this group wants to listen to.

Now Cantor's reaching out.

Cantor spokesman, Brad Dayspring:

“Eric reached out to Governor Huckabee, appreciates his efforts as a leader in our nation and he looks forward to remaining in close communication with all leaders. All issues, all topics, and all ideas will be included in the dialogue that the National Council for a New America will have.”

And here's an interview with Eric Cantor today, running in The New Ledger, in which he rather pointedly brings up Reagan (ea):

The New Ledger: So what do you aim to accomplish with this new group?

Rep. Eric Cantor: The National Council for a New America, which launched on Saturday, is organized around the purpose of beginning a conversation.... It’s very much following in the model of what Ronald Reagan said we needed to do as a party. We need to be out their winning people to our side by convincing them that it’s these common sense conservative principles that will get our country back on the path to prosperity.


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