Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pawlenty approval ratings steady in new poll

Considering the $4.6 billion budget deficit, it's tough to characterize T-Paw's new poll numbers as "a mixed bag", which is what Fox's local affiliate calls it.

a. Palwenty Approval Rating: 53%/46%.

b. Likelihood that Pawlenty will run for President.

Very likely: 17%
Somewhat likely: 42%
Not very likely: 24%
Not at all likely: 5%
Not sure: 11%

c. How likely is it that T-Paw will win the 2012 nomination?

Very likely: 7%
Somewhat likely: 30 percent
Not very likely: 39 percent
Not at all likely: 16 percent
Not sure: 8 percent