Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Comedian says Palin's "like herpes" on Today show

The template herpes joke is also like herpes. It's time to compare the gift that keeps on giving with something different -- like compounded interest rates.

[Hat tip: Newbusters]

UPDATE: On a related (and hilarious) note, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn might not get to pass on his medical chops to Capitol Hill interns this year.

Eric Zimmerman:

Coburn, an OBGYN, has traditionally provided a sometimes-graphic slide show to inters as a warning to practice safe sex.... But this summer, the Senate Ethics Committee is taking issue with Coburn's plan to have outside groups sponsor the lecture and buy pizzas for the 150 to 300 interns expected to attend.

Sorry for the outbreak of posts on STD's today.


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