Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lauer to Romney: "Boy, you got this right"

On the Today show this morning, Matt Lauer gives props to Mitt Romney for his prescience on General Motors.

LAUER: Let me move on to the collapse of General Motors, the bankruptcy filing, and boy, you got this right.

You and I spoke back in November of last year, and you said to me "Matt, if the government gives these troubled automakers a check, they will go out of business. Structured bankruptcy is the only solution". Is this the time for "I told you so's?"

ROMNEY: Well, we got there finally. It's the right course to finally restructure these companies so they can be cost-competitive, start anew, and grow and thrive.

I wish they'd have done this awhile ago, as I suggested, because now we spent tens of billions of dollars that's really money down the drain.... the government should get out of it [the deal] right now. The taxpayers should own it.... Look I don't want the Sierra Club telling General Motors what kind of cars they should build.