Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Letterman/Palin jokes

1. None of them were funny at all, and they played on the worst stereotypes at the crassest level.

2. It's circulating around the 'sphere that Letterman joked about A-Rod raping Willow Palin, because the 14 year-old was the one at the Yankee game.

Unlikely that was the intent. The staff likely assumed Bristol was the one at the game, and made a joke about Bristol's teen pregnancy and A-Rod's woman-hungriness. That makes the most sense.

Also, why do people think Letterman said A-Rod was "raping" a Palin? Nothing in the monologue indicated rape (watch vid below), except that people assume he was talking about Willow, which would make it statutory rape.

If, in fact, we knew he was referring to Willow, then the joke travels from "not funny" to "disgusting" and worthy of all the invectives being hurled on Letterman.

But if it's a joke about A-Rod and Bristol having consensual sex, that's not very funny, but nothing to get worked up about.

[Hat tip: Conservatives4Palin]


baboonking said...

letterman puts foot in mouth.

howIroll said...

The 14 year old was the one at the game. It was in the all the NY papers. Sexual activity with a 14 year old child would obviously be statutory rape. No one knows what Letterman's intent was, but since he got his info from the paper (as he said he had), then he should have known the 14 year old was the one at the game.

A-Rod should be outraged as well.

baboonking said...


i would be suprised if letterman knew but he should probably apologize because it was bad taste either way.

Darryl said...

"The 14 year old was the one at the game."

Irrelevant. The 18 year old is the one who created much embarrassment by becoming an un-wed teen mother, pointing out that abstinence doesn't work, and then say that she wants to work to promote abstinence.

Jim said...

Letterman is so last decade, an unfunny, over the hill,oily POS. I'd pay to see someone pun*ch him in his wrinkled pinched up face, now that would be funny.

baboonking said...

Darryl defending sexual jokes about a public figures daughter.

classy guy.

hnt0807 said...

Well that's what you get for parading your knocked up prosmicuous daughter on the national stage. When you show people your trash, they'll throw trash back at you.

Dave was hillarious!

Medieval Monarch said...

I'm not a big fan of Letterman but I have to side with him on this, the joke was clearly about Bristol. If the joke was about Willow it really wouldn't of made any sense, Bristol was the one who was knocked-up and A-Rod has no history of statutory rape. Obviously, Letterman's staff made a mistake about which daughter was at the game, but the context of the joke made it clear that Bristol was the one Letterman was referring to.

N William said...

Sounds like the 'lipstick on a pig' thing all over again...

He's not that funny (and he doesn't write the jokes anyway), but Palin is so hopeless she can only fight straw men.

netsharc said...

To people who keep screaming "It was Willow who went to the Yankees game, so Dave must be talking about A-Rod RAPING Willow!", get real, you are trying to apply logic in a hypothetical situation!

In this imaginary scenario of the joke, A-Rod has sex with someone (one of Palin's daughters). A reminder, it didn't bleeping happen in the real life! Since it's all imaginary, isn't it possible that Bristol somehow showed up to meet with A-Rod? Considering she's the one who got knocked-up in real life, I'm guessing she's the one people think about when they hear the joke.

But nooo, you have a hissy fit yelling "14 year old rape! 14 year old rape!" through your own selective application of logic (somewhat similar to saying peanut butter is a proof of intelligent design, look it up on YouTube). Talk about forcing people to accept your viewpoint as well.

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