Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The non-endorsement endorsement: Sanford praises Nikki Haley

Her name's Nikki Haley.

She's the first Indian-American, Republican state legislator in the US, and is a candidate for governor of South Carolina in a crowded GOP primary.

And now she's getting a nice plug from the current SC Governor, Mark Sanford.

Sanford issued a "Message from Mark" today, which is a first sign of where his sympathies might lie in the 2010 race.

In the message, he urges readers to take a look at Moe Lane's recent profile of Haley, and then adds a few encouraging words of his own.

As you may well know, Representative Nikki Haley has worked very closely with us in our efforts toward reform here in Columbia - and as such I've been impressed that Nikki's walk indeed matches her talk when it comes to advocating fiscal responsibility at the state level.

So while it's far too early for any type of endorsement for the upcoming governor's race, I do think it worth your time to read this article and get to know more about where Nikki stands.

You can check out her campaign website here.