Monday, June 8, 2009

Palin's big interview on Hannity

Sarah Palin's going to guest on Sean Hannity tonight, and if the released excerpts are any indication of where the i/view is headed, it's Sean Hannity, as usual and Sarah Palin, as often.

HANNITY: What do you make of - look at the state of the economy now...

PALIN: Well, when you consider that the federal government is about eleven trillion dollars in debt, and we’re borrowing more to spend more... it defies any sensible economic policy that any of us ever learned through college. It defies economy practices and principles that tell ya ‘you gotta quit digging that hole when you are in that financial hole’

(ea) Ouch. The sentence in bold is classic Sarah Palin Trying Too Hard mode. Awkward in its execution and grossly simplistic in its conclusion.

Can't wait to watch!


wisetrog said...

Can't have the hilly-billy swiping The Precious One now, can we?

baboonking said...

sounds like mitt. is she gonna start flip-flopping?

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