Thursday, June 11, 2009

Protecting innocence or protecting Palin?

Who's exploiting whom now?

Yes, Letterman exploited Palin's unwed teenaged mother with a joke (who, according to the Bible, exploited herself by defiling the temple that is her body -- that's 1 Corinthians 6:19. A child came out of that "exploitation"; not just a joke), and Mr. and Mrs. Palin exploited Letterman's joke by issuing statements before CBS could clarify.

And as if there were any doubt that this has become much more about politics than about protection, check out Conservatives4Palin.

Call every women’s organization you can think of. Call every sexual assault victims organization you can think of. Call every child protection advocacy group you can think of. Call every teen pregnancy organization you can think. Get a comment from all of them. Ask them if they have anything to say about David Letterman’s jokes about the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.

Ask them if they think it was alright that David Letterman declared that his joke was really about Gov. Palin’s 18-year-old daughter. Does it make it alright that he was mocking an 18-year-old mother? And if they have no comment, ask them why. Ask them what makes the Palins any different from any other family.

(ea) If you're calling every sexual assault organization known to man, why do you, in the next breath, say that it's just as bad if this were done to an 18 year old woman?

Second, they wonder: "what makes the Palins any different from any other family"?

Not sure. Don't the Jones's have a PAC, too?

The Left is often unbearably censorious. In this case, the Right is doing its best imitation.

Here's Letterman's response from last night.

[Hat tip: Entertainment Weekly]


baboonking said...

the only good to come from this is that letterman may think twice before making jokes about the palins.

Pamela Milkweed said...

C'mon Mr. Heinze, even I take Palin's side on this one.

Attacking people's kids is in terrible taste, and Palin has every right to be furious about it. I don't think Letterman would ever make a joke about Chelsea Clinton or the Obama kids. And of course we know why that is.

I'm sure the left (and Kathleen Parker and Andrew Sullivan) will figure out how to blame Palin for this, claiming she's too touchy or somehow exploiting her kids for political gain.

There's no need for us to play along with that nonsense.

wisetrog said...

SO your claim now is that Palins are now exploiting the situation?

I think you are way out of line. And for your information, Palins have not made any move to get Letterman fired, unlike the Clintons. It's her supporters like us who are steamed enough to try it. If you think that's exploitation, be my guest.

Jim Cunningham said...

You just don't seem to get it, that this type of commentary, nasty and outrageous,is not acceptable to any reasonable person in the body politic no matter who it is directed at, especially a public figure's children. Trying to turn it around on Governor Palin as you seem to be attempting, who is doing what any concerned and loving parent would do in defense of her children, appears to me to be equally as outrageous as the comments themselves. And I might add, the Good Book also states that the Devil can also quote scripture for his own purposes which is obviously in this case to diminish and belittle the Governor.

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