Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rudy reacts to Sanford Affair

Neil Cavuto just asked Rudy Giuliani whether he had any advice for Mark Sanford, and then wondered whether Rudy thought his own moral indiscretions affected his 2008 bid.

First, Rudy's advice.

"Tell the truth. Just tell the truth. You're human. You make terrible mistakes. You commit sins. Think of it from a religious point of view. He's a religious man. The whole Christian religion is about salvaation and redemption and it's for real. And I really believe that. He really believes that."

And did Rudy's many marriages hurt him in 2008?

"It doesn't help. Sure, I'm sure it hurts to some extent. I don't think that was the critical factor.... when it happens, it's more harmful than when it is years later."

P.S. Rudy cheerfully demurred when asked if he was running for Gov.


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