Monday, June 22, 2009

Will Palin stump for McDonnell (and when)?

With Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour scheduled to stop in Virginia Beach and Richmond to rally VA Gov candidate, Bob McDonnell, The Richmond Report asks the question: When's Sarah Palin going to show up?

After all, the list of Stumpers for Bob, so far includes Jindal, Rudy, Steele, Fred Thompson, Romney, Huckabee, and McCain.

Well, the answer may lie in a Washington Post piece from December 25th which said no less than Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Charlie Crist, and Mark Sanford were all expected to host fundraisers for McDonnell.

The source? "GOP sources". The time-frame. TBD. That's slim pickings to guess the way forward.

But here's guessing Palin will make an appearance in mid-late October that's certain generate tremendous publicity and crowds to McDonell's campaign. The only question is whether McDonnell's going to want to solicit the visit at such a late stage in the game. Palin delivered big for Chambliss in Georgia, but is she as well-received in Virginia?

Maybe not -- last month the Democratic party attacked McDonnell by linking him to Huckabee and Palin, meaning those two names might not be as welcome among independent voters in Virginia.


wisetrog said...

I think Sarah Palin offered to campaign for Bob on one of her out of state visits(Indiana, I think) but Bob was booked that day, so couldn't manage.

howIroll said...

Palin had 4 solo rallies (2 others with McCain) in Virginia during the presidential campaign. 3 of the 4 rallies had to be moved to larger venues to accommodate all those who RSVP'ed, as did one in NoVA with McCain, where 23,000 people showed up in Fairfax County on a Tues. morning. A Palin rally in Richmond was moved to the NASCAR facility; according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Henrico Police Dept., 32,000 people were there. In Salem, 20,000 people stood in a cold rain for hours to welcome Palin the last week of October. Sooooo, yea...I think the Gov. will be well-received in the Old Dominion.

Greg said...

My bet is that she will do a 4 day swing through NJ and VA the weekend before election day. Friday and Saturday in NJ, and Sun Mon in VA. Three rallies on Friday 4 on Sat, 3 on Sun and 4 on Monday. When she campaigned for Chambliss she did 4 the day before election day. Polls showed Chambliss with a very thin lead, barely out of the margin of error, and he went on to win by 15 points. I hear 0bama will campaign in VA and NJ as well, it will be interesting to see who gets the bigger crowds. I suspect Gov. Palin will also spring for some advertising paid for with SarahPAC funds.

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