Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CQ: Are Cantor and Pence planning 2012 runs?

Congressional Quarterly muses on the possibility that Eric Cantor and Rep. Mike Pence might be thinking about a 2012 run.

The rising profile for both men has helped them to build thriving leadership political action committees. Cantor has raised $637,000 for his PAC, Every Republican Is Crucial, while Pence has raised $71,000 for his, called Principles Exalt a Nation.

John Feehery, a GOP consultant, said Cantor and Pence might have more than the presidency on their mind — such as possible future bids for other leadership jobs, or in the case of Pence, a possible run for the Senate in 2012, should fellow Republican Richard G. Lugar retire.

We've been following Cantor for awhile (check out the archive); Pence not so much.

There are certain sectors of the conservative grassroots that throw Pence's name around a bit, but it often seems to be motivated by the thirst to be first at identifying a darkhorse.

It's much more likely Pence has his eyes on Lugar's seat, should he retire.

[Hat tip: Talking Points Memo]


wisetrog said...

Its high time for Lugar to retire imo. Otherwise, Pence should primary the old dinosaur next time.

baboonking said...

funny cantor story:


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