Thursday, July 23, 2009

Defending RomneyCare

Michael Widmer, President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, defends Mitt Romney's health care plan against the growing chorus of criticism.

Among his arguments: costs have, indeed, risen, but by a relatively modest amount, and the plan's primary problem isn't the plan itself, but tough economic times which have led to a decrease in revenue.

The Taxpayers Foundation recently released an analysis of the costs to taxpayers of achieving near-universal access to healthcare in Massachusetts.

The “surprising’’ conclusion: Between fiscal 2006 and 2010, the annual incremental cost from the state budget is less than $100 million, a modest sum for this historic achievement. This cost is very much in line with estimates that were made when the bill was passed.

.... the fundamental problem is not the costs of Commonwealth Care, but rather the unprecedented collapse of state tax revenues. With the state facing a structural budget gap of $5 billion in fiscal 2010, virtually every state program has hit the cutting board. And as is always the case during economic downturns, caseload-driven programs like Commonwealth Care experience a temporary increase in enrollment.

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