Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evening eats

a. Haley Barbour doesn't think Obama can help Corzine.

b. Erick Erickson wants Huckabee to take an endorsement back.

c. Liz Cheney or Sarah Palin?

d. Bill Clinton supports same-sex marriage.

e. Newsmax interviews Marco Rubio.

f. Huck's on the record with Greta tonight.

g. This is a gift. It comes with a price. Who is the lamb and who is the knife?

h. From "The Room" by Conrad Aiken

when chaos draws all forces inward
To shape a single leaf

i. Sports stuff. All-Star game tonight. Prediction. Joe Mauer gets MVP.


wisetrog said...

Thanks for linking to a site that calls Palin ditzy, btw.

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