Monday, July 6, 2009

Fred Barnes: "Palin is no Reagan"

Considering the source (a big Palin-backer), and the other source (The Weekly Standard), the outcome is surprising.


Forget about Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 and probably ever.... Palin is no Reagan. He was governor of California for two terms, before which he'd been an effective leader in the fight against Communists in the movie industry. Every bit as important, Reagan had read the works of all the great conservative thinkers of the past two centuries. He had imbibed their wisdom. Also, Reagan had been thinking and talking about the political issues that dominated the national agenda and Washington.

But Barnes has a caveat. A 2020 caveat.

But there is a way: win Alaska's lone House seat in 2012 and oust Democratic senator Mark Begich in 2014. A term in the House and another in the Senate--nothing would do more to groom her for the White House than this and transform her into the best Republican candidate for the presidency in, say, 2020, when she'd be 56.

[Hat tip: Salon's War Room]


Mondo said...

Barnes: Palin is no Reagan.

Mondo: Barnes is no Buckley

That statement proves absolutely nothing except the viewpoint of the one doing the commenting.