Friday, July 24, 2009

Huckabee tops latest 2012 poll

So maybe his PAC is going through a rough spell. And maybe he lost a candidate money on a recent fundraiser.

But polls show enduring popularity for Mike Huckabee.

In a new Washington Post/ABC poll (click here), Huck has a mini-break from the pack.

1. Mike Huckabee 26%

2. Mitt Romney 21%

3. Sarah Palin 19%

4. Newt Gingrich 10%

5. Tim Pawlenty 4%

6. Jeb Bush 3%

7. Bobby Jindal 2%*

8. Haley Barbour 1%

Notes: These strong Huck performances are turning into a pattern, despite the fact he's rarely mentioned in the same breath as Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.

Let's rewind a second here, and take a look at the past couple month's worth of polls.

a. July 20, Public Policy Polling: Huck fares best against Obama

b. July 16, Gallup: Romney tops the field at +5%

c. July 7, Rasmussen: Romney tops the field at +1%

d. June 18, Public Policy Polling: Huck fares best against Obama

e. June 2, CNN: Huck tops field at +1%

f. May 21, Public Policy Polling: Huck fares best against Obama

g. May 14, Fox News: Huck tops field at +2%

All polls available in the polling archive.

One more thing: Jindal wasn't on the list of candidates, but 2% wanted him, anyway. Barbour made the list and not Jindal? And that's because Barbour's head of the RGA?

Btw, a really nice-looking Huck website ("Huck's Army") is here. Really well laid out, friendly, and open. Kind of like Huck!

[Hat tip: Ben Smith]


baboonking said...

hucks never had a problem being likeable (little phonyish & pandering at times) but his main problem has been generating cash (it was in the primaries and seems like it is today).

people like huck but just not enough to skip that morning doughnut.

Shanti said...

Huckabee does seem to be gaining momentum as the GOP nominee in 2012. I can live with that. He's conservative enough for me and may just be what this country needs to get Obama out of office.

Chris said...

Huckabee has been offering the solutions the American people want for two years now--less government, no bailouts, lowered cost of health insurance (via tort reform, portability, and focus on prevention), etc., all while maintaining popular socially conservative stances (i.e., traditional marriage). He's been consistent, conservative, yet well mannered in his tone, all of which we sorely need now. It's nice to see him building some traction.

Mary said...

baboonking - you're quite wrong about how people are willing to sacrifice for Huckabee. Thousands of everyday folks gave up way more than their morning doughnut, in terms of money, time, energy, travel, etc.

Trouble was, Huckabee started as a total unknown, and of course didn't have millions of his own dollars to put in. The GOP elite wouldn't support him, and many others gave that old electability argument. Little did they know how far Huckabee could go, even with a severely limited budget.

Good news is, all this is changing as Huckabee builds his name and reputation face-to-face so to speak, unfiltered by the MSM.

I still like Mike!

Shelley said...

Hey Baboonking -

You're right that Huck doesn't have the "mega donors" nailed down, but when you have dollar to delegate ratios like those below from 2008, you can win with a lot less money. We need this kind of frugality in government today. Millions of supporters donating small dollar amounts = priceless!

Huckabee:282 Total Delegates ($25k/ea.)
Romney: 272 Total Delegates ($316k/ea.)

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