Friday, July 31, 2009

Is embattled extinct?

Ralph Hallow reports on RNC chair Michael Steele's big victory yesterday.

Florida chair and Steele favorite, Jim Greer, was narrowly elected to head the party's Rules Committee.

So what does that mean for Michael Steele?

Some of Mr. Steele's critics say they will stop regarding him, for now, as the "embattled" chairman of the Republican Party's national governing body.

"He has been doing a good job lately, and no, I wouldn't call him the 'embattled chairman' anymore, but he'll still have to prove himself with a couple of victories," said Indiana RNC member and social conservative Dee Dee Benkie.


orlandoteaparty said...

What a horrible mistake. Now Michael Steele is saying "we're coming for you", you know who he is talking about?? Not Democrats, REPUBLICANS. He is using Jim Greer to go around like czar booting people off of Repubical Committees all over the country.

This is horrible! I don't know who voted Jim Greer to this post.


I am seriously considering joining the Liberatarian Party.

Nothing agaings Michael Steele, but "rules enforcer"? This is not the approach to take.

Flip Dixon said...

Good luck with the libertarian party, orlando!

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