Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is Rubio backing off from a Senate run?

Erin McPike reports on a super intriguing possibility.

Two Republican sources said today that even as former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio campaigns for retiring GOP Sen. Mel Martinez's Senate seat, he has been calling around to top Republican donors and activists in the state to discuss the idea of switching from the Senate primary against GOP Gov. Charlie Crist and into the open-seat race for attorney general, where a serious Republican candidate has yet to emerge.

Rubio's campaign said that he’s traveling the state as part of his Senate race today and that there’s nothing new to report.

Marco Rubio fires back in (how else?) a tweet.

Maybe they [sources] misunderstood what I meant by "going back to tally

The idea of switching races makes sense, and you get the idea that if he hadn't been so intransigent to the idea for the past month, he might have race-swapped.

But it would look pretty weird now (not as weird as Hedo Turkoglu, but getting there).

UPDATE: Another Rubio tweet.

"going back to Tally" is a spoof of a song, not a political plan!


AKReport said...

the only way rubio could beat crist is if Sarah palin endorsed him.

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