Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kick-ass analyzation of roll call voting patterns for 2009, and the measurement of party unity, participation, and presidential support, therein

Just giving a shout-out to book titles in the 18th century.

A very cool table from CQ Politics.

For our purposes, let's check out 2012 prospects from the Senate.

The first number is how often the member agrees with Barack Obama's stated support of legislation.

The second number is how often the member votes the party line (i.e. it essentially measures their maverickiness).

a. Sen. Bob Corker 68%. 86%

b. Sen. Jim DeMint 41%. 99%

c. Sen. John Ensign 48%. 95%.

d. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison 58%. 90%.

e. Sen. Jon Kyl 50%. 94%.

f. Sen. John McCain 62%. 96%.

g. Sen. John Thune 49%. 98%.

Notes: This helps corroborate a long-standing thesis that Bob Corker is John McCain's dispositional heir in the Senate. If you follow Senate roll calls, Corker -- along with McCain and Feingold -- is one of the least predictable Senators. Maybe not as a percentage, but in terms of "Wow. Didn't see that vote coming".

[Hat tip: Post Politics]


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