Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Losing money from a Huckabee fundraiser

The Hill's Aaron Blake has a fascinating find.

Earlier this year, Mike Huckabee came to endorse and raise money for GOP House candidate, Les Phillip.

Well, Phillip did raise money ($17,000), but the FEC shows his campaign spent $43,611 to get Huck there and put on a good show.

His disbursements include a $33,990 speaking fee for Huckabee, $600 for photography for the Huckabee event, $438 for a lunch with Huckabee, $6,233 for a stage rental and equipment (presumably for the Huckabee event), and a $2,350 facility rental fee (also presumably for the Huckabee event).

Probably best that Phillip isn't running the CBO.


baboonking said...

wait what?!

baboonking said...

okay i'm back from the shock... okay so he... he... he did what?!

baboonking said...

hold on a sec... he paid $33,990 for huckabee to speack at his event... wow! huck the man.

6p011570deda4b970c said...

For full details of event please also read Premiere Speakers Bureau statement:

"The event was proposed to Premiere Speakers Bureau as a "Night with Gov Mike Huckabee" to be organized by local businessmen. The contracting organization, Conservative Innovations, informed us that Mr. Phillip would be in attendance and an active participant in the event. At that time, we were assured that no campaign funds would be used to fund the event.

We do not coordinate any endorsement of candidates for Governor Huckabee. Premiere Speakers Bureau only facilitates Gov Huckabee’s speaking requests as we do for hundreds of other clients."

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