Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Me, too! Palin backs state sovereignty resolution

Alex Koppelman reports that Sarah Palin's signed a joint resolution, asserting Alaska's sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.

You know, like what Texas Gov. Rick Perry did.

Even if these type of things turn you on, they're toothless and charged with cynicism.

Where did Rick Perry's histrionic press conference* get him? Probably a huge bump in the polls soon thereafter and a lead headline on Drudge. Where did Rick Perry's histrionic press conference get Texans? Nowhere.

For a conservative governor, this is as politically risky as opposing flag burning.

*Here's vid of that press conference, and an exchange with a reporter that shows where Perry was headed with the 10th Amendment thing.

Reporter: Governor, has Senator Hutchison been an active participant in the expansion of federal powers?

Perry: I would suggest that there are a number of folks in Washington, D.C. that have seen the federal powers be expanded, she being one of them.

Reporter: In what way, in what things...

Perry: I'll get you the long and distinguished list of those shortly.

There's nothing wrong with appreciating these resolutions for what they are -- strongly worded statements.

But the UN's already got the market cornered on those.


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