Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paul Gigot slams Romney on health care

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Report on Fox pow-wowed to talk health care, and took the opportunity to hit Massachusetts' system.

Paul Gigot: All right, James, let me ask you about this--the public option. Because the president says, Look, all this is, is going to compete with the private plans, keep them honest. The insurers are making a lot of money right now. We need to keep them honest.

James Freeman: Right, and I think the beauty of this is we don’t need to guess or estimate or just posit what might happen, because the people of Massachusetts since 2006 have been running the experiment for all of us, and we can go to school on it.

Gigot: Thanks to Mitt Romney, former Republican governor.

Freeman: That’s right.

Gigot: Or no thanks to Mitt Romney.

Freeman: And it’s very clear what happens. Private insurance goes away, more people go on the public plan, costs explode, more costs go onto small business, and people lose their jobs or they get salary freezes.

Here's Gigot interviewing Romney about the plan in 2006.

[Hat tip: The Hollywood Liberal]