Thursday, July 9, 2009

Perry leads Hutchison by 12%

The University of Texas at Austin releases a new poll, showing Rick Perry leading Kay Bailey Hutchison, 38%-26%.

A full 34% of Texan voters are undecided.

The results mirror those of a Texas Lyceum poll released late last month, showing Undecided with 45%, Perry, 33%, and Hutchison 21%.

Clearly, it's hard to be clear about anything yet, but the tea party/anti-Washington sentiment seems to be working in Perry's favor.

Since Barack Obama moved into the White House, he's been the most vocal, persistent, and politically opportunistic of national governors, linking Hutchison at every opportunity with Washington (you get the sense that if Perry had his way, Texas would not be sending Senators to DC).

Just two days ago, Perry provided a noun, a verb, and Washington.

"Some people would like to distract me by saying Perry is going to Washington. I have no desire to go to Washington, D.C. I don't know how many times you have say it or how many times you have to prove it, but Washington has no allure to me."

As an aside, Obama's approval rating in Texas is now 42%/46%.


baboonking said...

not great numbers for a two term governor but if the primary was held today he would win based on his incumbency status.

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